Welcome to our FAQ section.Below you can find answers to most of your enquiries, but in the event you still need assistance, please contact us at info@slanefarmhostel.ie


Where can I purchase tickets?
You can purchase tickets at www.slanecamping.ie

What is the age policy?
You must be aged 18 or over to gain access to the campsite with the exception of children aged 17 or below who must be accompanied by a paying adult.
Persons aged under 13 years are not allowed entry to the camping site.

I have a camping ticket query. Who should I contact?
For any ticket queries please contact Slane Farm Camping on info@slanefarmhostel.ie

Are day tickets available?
This is a weekend only ticket. No single day camping tickets are available.
***Tickets are priced PER PERSON***
Last entry is 06:00 hours on morning of 10 th June 2023.
***Please note that once you enter the campsite there will be no access to exit the campsite by vehicles until the morning of Sunday 11th June***

Can tickets be refunded or exchanged?
We regret that 2023 camping tickets cannot refunded after purchase.
In the event of a rescheduled event, all tickets remain valid, however refunds cannot be given under any circumstances.

I want to bring my campervan/caravan, what do I need to purchase?
Firstly you will need to purchase a weekend camping ticket per person. All individuals staying in the campervan will need their own weekend camping ticket.

Water & Electricity: There are no electrical hookups or generators allowed in the campervan area for health and safety reasons. Water is not available for individual units.

There will be a water point in the campsite for general use.

When does the tent/campervan campsite open?
Gates open at 12 noon on 9th June 2023
Last entry at 06:00 on morning of 10th June 2022. (After this time we cannot guarantee entry as there are road closures in place and you will not gain entry through road blocks).

I have a campervan, can I pitch a tent beside it?
No tents or gazebos are allowed to be pitched beside campervans. Campervans are designated in areas away from the general tenting area. 

***Please note that once you enter the campsite there will be no access to exit the campsite by vehicles until the morning of Sunday 11th June***

***You will NOT be able to move your vehicle over the weekend once you enter the campsite***

Can I park/camp beside my friends?
You may only park/camp beside your friends if you arrive at the same time. Otherwise you will be designated to park at separate areas.

Can I come & go from the campsite?
All campsite ticket holders will be issued with a wristband upon arrival, which will permit pedestrian entry and exit to the campsite. Wristbands that have been tampered with or that have been removed will be confiscated and you will not be allowed to re-enter the campsite.

***Please note that once you enter the campsite there will be no access to exit the campsite by vehicles until the morning of Sunday 11th June***

What is prohibited within the campsite?
The safety and well-being of our attendees is at the forefront of our priorities. Stringent searches will be conducted upon entry to the campsite. Anyone found carrying illicit items will have them confiscated and may be removed from the campsite and passed over to the Garda as a result.

Illicit and illegal items include:

  • Fireworks, Chinese Lanterns, flares and high power torches  are not allowed.
  • Alcohol (over and above your personal allowance) 
  • Illicit drugs, legal highs or nitrous oxide  are not allowed.
  • Animals (except guide dogs)  are not allowed.
  • Anything which could be considered an offensive weapon is not allowed.
  • Petrol Generators or Liquefied Petroleum Gas is not allowed.
  • Flag Poles are not allowed.
  • Laser Pens are not allowed.
  • Drones are not allowed.
  • Spray canisters / Smoke Bombs / Gas canisters are not allowed.
  • Megaphones are not allowed.
  • High Vis Clothing is not allowed.
  • Items for trading are not allowed.

Can I bring my own alcohol?
Yes, each person on a camping ticket is allowed to bring alcohol. No glass bottles are permitted. No alcohol is sold on site.

We will have canned soft drinks and water for sale throughout the site at food/drink catering vans. We will also have free water refilling stations.

Can I bring food?
Yes. We will also have a wide and varied selection of food stalls to cater for your every need.

Toilets & Showers
Toilets will be located throughout the campsite.

***Please expect queues at peak times.***

Showers will be located in the campsite and will be open at specified times throughout the weekend.

They will open at:
7am-12pm and 4pm-7pm on Saturday & Sunday

First Aid/ Ambulance
We will have trained first aid personnel on site, as well as an ambulance on request.